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Continuing to innovate


We modernise our business continuously and take an innovative approach that includes investing in new online store that will support the market share growth of our retail banners. 

Top performance


We strive to be top performers. To do better than yesterday, and we do this by listening to relevant Directors and Customers who closely monitoring our performance

Management Team


A commitment to excellence, creativity and innovation. 

Our executive team's vision and strategic direction deliver happiness and educational  experiences that are welcomed into the hearts and homes of millions of families around the world.


Online Message


Toy Fun:


Fun is a key driver of our work that we would not be without. Just as children have fun experimenting and trying out new things, we have fun when choosing and testing the products we sell and growing our company and developing our individual skills in collaboration with each other.



Family tree:


Family relationship is apparent throughout Ishine-Anime. 

There is a strong family spirit among our employees. We have an informal culture where we talk openly and respectfully with each other, and where humour plays an important role. 

We respect that our employees also have a life with their families outside Ishine-Anime, so we make it a priority to ensure a good work-life balance.

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